Bugs Bunny

Elmer J. Fudd is one of the most memorable and fun characters in Hollywood history, but he hasn’t always been as popular with Warner Bros. on camera as Elmos’ career as an actor was just getting started when we met him at the warning lights outside the Las Vegas casinos – though there’s no reason this cartoon bunny has ever seen any gambling related time, considering how tightly the shows were then held around the city!

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“Shhh. Quiet, very quiet, I’m hunting wabbits.”

He was one of the most outspoken and meanest men I have ever met. You never know if he meant what he said or not, but I do not doubt that the shotgun is real!

Playing poker requires patience and understanding. Sometimes when you are dealt four cards to a flush, but you have the unfortunate privilege of being driven out by an aggressive bet on the turn after that; it can be tempting – even if only marginally – as any red-blooded man or woman would do in this situation – to ask your “rabbit hunt” dealer for another card! However, for Fudd… He preferred his more literal definition: “rabbit hunting,” which means trying your best despite what has happened so far.

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Bugs Bunny is a classic example of the adage, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” When his nemesis, Nasty Canasta, steals all of the Beetles’ gold, he goes on an adventure to find him. He vows revenge and receives what he deserves directly from those who offended him.

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When Bugs plays the slot machine, he is lucky and wins big. He moves on to roulette, where his luck continues a winning streak that lasts all night!

But then, in the last draw game, Canasta hit a full house. It seemed certain that he would be able to make up for all his losses and become even darker than before!

“I don’t have much, but what do I need? Two pairs of shoes are enough.”

A four against a full house. The episode ends with Canasta trying to rob him at gunpoint, but Bugs spins the revolver’s bullet barrel like a slot machine, and lots of coins spill out from behind his belt!

“Moral of this story? Don’t steal carrots from a rabbit. They have very sharp teeth and can actually shoot electricity out of their ears, you know!?”

Scammers never succeed

Bugs Bunny is a professional player who has been winning for years. When he meets his rival in Colonel Shuffle, a seasoned poker player who is in debt to many different creditors, none of whom have been left behind on their previous winnings, thanks in large part to Bugs’ skillful play; it won’t take long before all funds run out and there aren’t enough rabbits left on earth (or maybe just one lucky one)

The last hand was so close it’s hard to believe. Shuffle cheater had five aces, but Bugs somehow got six – he beat them in their game!

When Bugs Bunny got bored playing poker, he challenged Yosemite Sam to a duel. In the 1948 Warner Bros Merrie Melodies short The Bugs Ride Again, our protagonist finds himself caught up in an epic card game against one of his enemies, eventually leading them to horseback and into battle!

The dialogue was so interesting that I felt like I was watching a cartoon!

Bugs Bunny: Gin rummy is my game, Sam.

I think it’s time to show the cards.

“You can’t say that! I’m not even going to argue with you, Yosemite Sam!”

Bugs is a true master of Gin Rummy. He picked up the two cards that had been dealt to him, then with an audible thud, he extended his hand across the table so that everyone could see; win by one discard against Sam himself!

Hare and hatred

Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam are back in Las Vegas, only this time they’re not playing cards or betting on their luck at roulette. They’ve built an entire casino above what is said to be one of the Bugs’ favourite places to hide from the crowds: his rabbit hole! But when it comes to saving yourself (and maybe even getting some money) or staying put long enough that a lot of fun can still happen before inevitably losing everything again, you guessed which option wins every time.

While Bugs moved through the casino, he quickly filled with money. By the time Sam left, the rabbit had amassed a whopping $842 quadrillion, much to his chagrin! The more times it happened, it seemed like luck itself wanted to intervene in what we were doing here…or maybe there was something special about those shoes? At any rate, when I returned from an absence of many hours, the cursor showed no indication that anything out of the ordinary had happened during my absence.

Bugs Bunny is the best rabbit in the world. He has over $8 billion in winnings, and he never dives!

Damn it!