Cheetah Cat Ears And Tail Kit



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Meow, pretty spotted kitty! Find your purr-fect meow while donning these Fox Ears & Tail set. Now that you have your cat-like ears and slinky tail, you can dress-up as the fastest land animal complete with round black spots to camouflage you during your costume party hunt. The options are limitless with this costume accessory kit. Dress up your cheetah, cat, cat woman or sexy kitty costume with these cheetah ears and tail. The ears' elastic string can comfortably be worn behind the ears and head instead of under the chin for a truly cat-tastic look. The cat costume accessory pieces are made of faux fur and plastic. The invisible and adjustable monofilament string is great for head attachment and the fabric loop on the tail is for pinning it to your clothes.

One size fits most kids and adults.

Includes: Ears, tail

Recommended Age: 3+ Years

Dimensions: 16"L (tail)