Jewel Blast Slots

Jewel Blast is a release by Quickspin with an original mix of classic and present-day features that result in high stake fun. A bright blue light shines behind the game logo, which are transparent reels featuring what appear to be floating symbols—the background music offers up some chillaxing tunes for your ears!

Jewel slot machines are all about sparkle. This game has a simple theme: jewels are brightly coloured precious stones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds that shine brighter than any other stone! You can double your wins by blowing away adjacent symbols on reels or find new ones while playing Bonus Paylines, giving you even more opportunities for winning combinations – it’s Blanco blastin’ time.

 Play Jewel Blast and Win

Jewel Blast Winning Symbols and Features

Jewel Blast is a tremendously fun slot machine with 25 paylines and plenty of customization options. You can choose different betting sizes, affecting your winnings in various ways!

This video gives you a sense of what it’s like to interact with the Quickspin Jewel Blast slot game.

Once your settings are in place, press the play button on the right side to start playing. Every win will automatically register as credit towards increasing that total!

The autoplay option is a great way to make the most out of your game and enjoy its heated action with some automated play. If you would rather have continuous turns, enable this setting again by clicking on “Yes” from within settings menu – it’s easy.

Jewel Blast Winning Symbols and Features

The paytable begins with familiar playing card symbols: the number 10, the Jack and Ace. These low-valued cards frequently appear on reel 2 to compensate for their small rewards because they’re so common in any given game.

The Jewelry Store offers many valuable symbols, including precious stones in blue, purple, yellow, red and green. Fifty coins will be awarded for five of a kind each time you land these special items on your slot machine screen during gameplay! The dark ruby gems or square-shaped emeralds can earn 40 points when landing 5-of wakes within their category while playing slots at this online casino site.

The slot offers two types of wilds. The standard substitutes for all symbols on the reels to create winning combinations and awards up 500 times your stake if you land 5-of kind in one go! Then there is blast mode taking things even further with its high payouts – but only until someone gets their hands on it first.

Landing 2 or more blast wilds will trigger the Blast Bonus feature. The winning paylines are immediately settled, and all symbols appearing next to a Wild card with this symbol blow off from reel one when it appears as an option in any game stage of play-slots machines etc., creating new combinations that can be cashed out at once! This continues until you stop landing those special coloured equalizer icons on their own accord – which means there’s always some bigtime winnings coming your way if they keep falling into place like today!

Jewel Blast offers several special features that make it stand out from other slots. For starters, there’s the ability to get up to 3 extra bits when you land on these wild symbols–dealers trigger this reward by pressing the select or spin button depending on what type they want their bet size will be after winning any round! You can also find doubling wilds throughout your playing experience, giving players even greater chances to hit big with some spectacular prizes.

  • The simple gameplay built on a familiar classic theme gives you the easiest time on the reels without a deduction of the fun
  • Elegant game features, including the frequently triggered Blast bonus feature and two types of wilds which double your winning potential

Jewel Blast Is Such a Rare Gem worth Seeking

Jewel Blast is an interesting slot from Quickspin Slots. The low variance of landing life-changing wins will make it difficult for players to bankroll large sums, but steady streams and fun gameplay also keep up your spirits! There’s always something worth playing if you’re looking for more than just jackpots or high-paying symbols on each line – the hypnotic qualities are sure to enjoy while waiting patiently before hitting another big win streak again. The author looks pretty excited about this game despite its few chances at success per spin; they seem content with small continual boosts rather than one massive flush that could end all their problems.