Ugly Christmas Sweater



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Ugly Christmas Sweaters get an eye-catching (and somewhat creepy) makeover when you add motion to them. Now your chest will have the power to capture a person’s attention, even though they try with all their might to look away.

If you were never freaked out by the stalker-like feel of lyrics that go ‘he knows when you are sleeping; he knows when you’re awake,” there’s a decent chance that Santa’s wandering eyes will add just the right amount of winter chill to the air. I’m not sure if the sweater is intentionally freaky or if it’s an accidental side effect and they just decided to roll with it.

How does a sweater move? You’ll slap yourself when you discover how easy it is… and slap yourself again for not thinking of this money-making idea yourself.

The Caroling Kitty gives motion with the help of a mobile device like the iTouch, iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy. The free app displays the image, you slip the device into the inside pocket, and presto! Your ugly sweater is now animated.