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  1. Zombie Meat Pie


    This one of a kind zombie meat pie is like no other. Latex face surrounded my movie quality blood and gore. 
  2. Severed Zombie Foot


    Severed Zombie FootMade of Plastic
  3. Zombie Door Cover


  4. Zombie Severed Hand


    Zombie Severed HandMade of Plastic
  5. Male Zombie Gnome with Light Up Eyes


    Approximately 16" Tall. Pair him up with the Female Zombie Gnome
  6. Zombie Doll Heads


    Each head is 4 inches in diameter.
  7. Zombie Hand


    One life like zombie hand
  8. Atmosfear FX Zombie Invasion DVD


    What could possibly be scarier than a Zombie takeover? Give your visitors a foreboding feeling when they enter your house to view this officially licensed AtmosFEARfx Zombie Invasion DVD. These walkers want in...who will stop them? Includes bonus DVD: Blood...
  9. Scarefreshner Zombie


    mmmm Delicious! Halloween isn’t just about sights and sounds! Scare your sense of smell back to the grave with the Scarefresheners – Zombie. The Scarefresheners – Zombie is sure to bring extra smelly undead scares to your party or automobile,...
  10. Zombie Baby


    This creepy baby boy zombie and his teddy will look great in your zombie nursery! Foam filled latex prop measures 15'' tall x 12'' wide x 9'' deep.
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