Viking Voyage Slot Review


Betsoft’s Viking Voyage Overview

The graphics in this slot game are so realistic you can almost smell the salty air. It features 5 reels and 10 paylines, all inspired by Scandinavia’s rich culture of wisdom traditions that were once practiced by ancient warriors who became known as Vikings!

Bonus Features

Welcome to the promised land of riches across the sea, where you will be awarded various special features that are highly rewarding. You have access to not just one but two multipliers and free spins with an even better chance at winning if the play starts on $0.10! With a 96% return-to-player rate as well as expanding wild symbols ready for rolling in this slot machine designed by NetEnt developers – it offers higher chances than ever before.

Viking Voyage Slots is a game with many special features and bonus symbols. The wild symbol allows you to create an additional effect when it appears onscreen, while scatter gives players hints about how they can get more of these important icons!

Wild – a symbol of the Wild in this game. Landing it will substitute all other ordinary symbols, but not Bonus ones! What’s more is that if you manage to land an entire stack consisting only of these guys on your reel, they’ll give us another chance at drawing them back out again with re-spins.”

The Raven is the scatter symbol and can be boosted with help from warriors. If you land 5 on each reel, it will award 40 times your initial bet! Three of these symbols reward 0-4 stakes while 4 winners give 8x or more back in return for just one payment of 2 disagreed amounts (or less).

The Viking Long Ship is a powerful symbol that triggers the free spin feature and gives players 10 chances at big wins. During these bonus rounds, you can also expand wilds for even more fun!

Landing 3 of these valuable symbols is like landing a big fish. You might come across the “Green Viking,” which will reward you 10 times your bet! 4 awards 20x and 5 bring100-times their value, too – so Landing All Fairies pays off beautifully when playing slots online at SlotsToSp Balkans .

Landing the ‘Buy Bonus Coin’ symbol is one way to reduce costs when buying coins outright or opting for a buy-bonus feature.

Bonus Features

The bonus features in this game are what makes it so addictive and fun to play. There are free spins, where you get an extra chance at winning big; double up, which lets players score high paying combinations for their bet size by doubling all icon ranks before they hit pay dirt (or soil); then there’s a buy feature that allows one player who has lost everything else but their pride–to purchase tokens with real money allowing them to take back control of gameplay until next time. What do these various options have? They give every player hope when things seem lowest – giving them another turn at bat without any bullets-

Land a Viking Long Ship on reels 1 and 5 to earn 10 free spins with the opportunity for rewards.

Double up, and you could end up rich! This option is activated after every win where your choices are to bet on half or all of what’s in front of us. You’ll either lose nothing or double how much cash comes out for the day if things go right, so choose wisely- because it only takes one bad toss before someone wins big time!!

Land the Viking Long Ship, and you’ll be able to play free spins without betting! But there’s a catch – it costs 70 times your bet. For 10 turns, enjoy exciting game features like the +1 mega Wild symbol that can substitute for any other special symbols during this round, too.

Winning with the Viking Voyage Slot

If you’re lucky enough to trigger the full-reel Wild, your winnings will be larger than ever. The free spins feature means that if a red-bearded Viking appears on any reel during gameplay, it’s worth 100 times what was originally put into play – which is why this slot has higher odds of bringing back players with generous bonuses and awards!

Mobile Viking Voyage

Betsoft has created a game available for mobile devices. You can play it anywhere, any time, without downloading anything or needing an internet connection!

Final Word

With its imagery and soundtrack perfect for Norse mythology, Vikings-themed slots like Viking Voyage have become very popular in recent years. One symbol which offers excellent benefits when triggering re-spins with full reel wilds is the Wild King! He can bring you triple wins during free rounds, too if not better yet, just enjoy all your performances while listening to some excellent tunes at stake decay rate.